Court Appointed Council


Appointment of Counsel If Jail is NOT a Possible Punishment – You do not have a constitutional right to a court appointed attorney if jail is not a possible sentence in your case.  If you would like to talk to or hire an attorney at your expense, the court will give you time to do that before you make any final decisions in your case.   Do not contact the State of Missouri Public Defender’s Office because they cannot represent persons charged in Municipal Court, only persons charged in State Court.  You may exercise your right to counsel at any time.

Appointment of Counsel if Jail is a Possible Punishment – If the court or the prosecuting attorney will not waive a jail sentence as a possible punishment you will be given time to consult or hire an attorney at your expense before entering a plea to your charge(s).  If you cannot afford an attorney because you are disabled or qualify as an indigent person, the court will appoint a public defender paid for by the city to represent you.   If you wish to give up your right to counsel and represent yourself in a case where a jail sentence may be ordered, the court will hold a hearing to determine your ability to waive your right to an attorney and represent yourself before allowing you to proceed.

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