Education has played a vital role in the history of Lewis County. At one time many rural schools dotted the countryside while rural students traveled to the larger towns for high school education. In the mid to late 1800’s, Canton had several institutions of higher learning. These schools operated until around 1918 when they consolidated and the new school located at 200 South 4th Street was completed. Though many additions and changes have been made to the original building, it is still in use today educating Canton’s youth. In addition to the public school, Canton also offers two alternatives to education through the Cedar Falls private school and the Life Tabernacle Christian school. Culver-Stockton College, a four-year higher education institution, has been a major partner in the Canton community since 1853.

HappyTime Pre-School

Operated by Brenna Phillips and Sarah Taylor. Private pre-school for 3 & 4 year olds. Located at 300 South 4th Street. Call 573-288-0066 for more information.


Canton R-V Public Schools

Public education for grades K through 12, plus early childhood education. Located at 200 South 4th Street. Call 573-288-5216 for more information.

Cedar Falls School

Private education for grades K through 12. Located at 19481 State Highway B, just south of Canton. Call 573-288-3995 for more information.

Indigo Oak

A Cognitive Achievement Center located at 608 Washington Street in Canton.  Call 248-820-9905 for more information.

Life Tabernacle Christian school

A private school associated with Life Tabernacle Ministries at 31460 State Highway 16, just west of Canton. Call   573 288-3948 for more information.

Lewis County Head Start

Located at 711 Main Street, La Grange, MO, it is operated by the Douglas Community Center, 711 Grand Ave, Hannibal, MO and provides income based early education. Call 573-221-3892 or otherwise contact the Douglas Community Center for more information.

Culver-Stockton College

Private four-year college, affiliated with the Disciples of Christ Christian Church. Located on “the hill” overlooking the town of Canton. For more information, call 573-288-6000.