Welcome to the official site of Canton Mo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling from the north or the south, we are a great stop on the way to your destination. Discover what makes Canton special by planning your next visit. Click on one of our buttons to Eat, Stay or Play to get ideas of what there is to see and do here in Canton. We have scenic views of the Mississippi, great food and unique shopping. Located in the northeast corner of Missouri, the city of Canton is a small town with much to Show You!

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Calling all vendors!! On June 26 bigBAM in Canton will offer opportunity for lots of vendors and we wanted to remind you about a May 1 deadline for vendor applications for the bigBAM Oasis. That’s the vendor area nearest the band and beer garden with the most highly prized sites. Apply online at  Time is running out!  SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!!

We are looking for someone to step up to the plate and represent Ward 2 on the Planning Commission.  This is the group that meets to discuss issues related to land use within the City and makes recommendations to the City Council about how to deal with those issues.  If you are interested or would like to recommend someone to serve (remember, the person must live in Ward 2), please contact City Hall or Mayor Phillips.  THANK YOU!!

Word is out!  Time to check out the big BAM (Bicycle Across Missouri) event that will end at Canton on June 26!  There are plans for lots of music and fun, not to mention the bicycle riding!  Whether you’re interested in all of it or just the last day and night in Canton, it’s sure to be a great time!  That’s

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